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Zisuki d.o.o.



Production of knitted clothes from Serbia is looking for new buyers and reliable representatives for sale.


Production of knitted clothes from Serbia, due to expansion of the business, is looking for new buyers and reliable representatives for sale on the foreign market.

Production is located in city of Nis, Serbia.
It is engaged in the production of knitted clothes, sweaters, pullovers, cardigans.
The company has extensive experience in production and sales throughout Europe. We have already exported our products to Denmark, England, Holland, Italy.
The advantages of our production are high quality workmanship, trained staff with high production experience and competitive prices in relation to similar companies in Europe.

Ready to respond to every customer request we offer cooperation with customers and representatives of retail chains throughout Europe.

- model design according to all customer requirements

- sales of classic ready-made models from our domestic collection are always available
(some of our models from the domestic collection can be found on the website

- a great experience in the production of models for workers in services (post, transportation, security services, etc.)

- making whole brand collections at customer's order

We need a reliable partner who will have a long-term cooperation with us in the sale and presentation of knitted clothes on the EU market.
We ask interested agents to contact us and get close information.
You can find our products and information about our company on the site:

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